Devices & Equipment
Assembling devices and equipment:

In preparation for an injection, it is essential to assemble all the devices and equipment first at a clean work area. This generally includes:

  • Medication order
  • Alcohol swabs
  • Sharps disposal container
  • Medication
  • Gloves
  • Syringe and needle of appropriate size
Vial Ampule
1. Read label on vial/ampule, confirm correct medication/fluid and concentration.
2. After removing vial cap, clean stopper with alcohol swab. Tap head of ampule to unseat any fluid lodged at top.
3. Remove needle shield from a blunt fill needle. Clean neck with alcohol swab; holding the head of the ampule with swab, snap the neck open. Discard ampule head and swab in sharps collector.
4. Draw into the syringe a volume of air equal to the amount of medication/fluid needed. Being careful to avoid touching the needle on any surface (to maintain sterility), insert the needle into the stopper and inject air. Remove needle shield from a blunt filter needle.
5. Hold vial upside down and draw back syringe plunger to correct dosage. Tilt ampule down, and insert needle tip into opening. Draw back syringe plunger to correct dosage.

Clean the diluent and medication vial stoppers with an alcohol pad. Draw the diluent into the syringe as you would fill a syringe from a vial. Then inject diluent into powdered medication vial.* After passively recapping needle, invert vial until all powder is dissolved. Use caution when inverting vial; some medications should not be agitated vigorously. Clean vial stopper again, uncap needle and pierce stopper a second time to withdraw the prescribed dose.

6. Widthdraw needle. Passively recap the needle, then remove and dispose properly; attach a hypodermic safety needle of appropriate size.
7. Gently tap side of syringe to dislodge air bubbles.
8. Gently depress plunger to expel air from syringe.
9. Recheck that correct dose has been drawn into syringe.
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